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Beautify your eyes with Arora’s Big Eyes Eyeliner

 Our eyes are the windows that lead straight to our soul so why not learn how to make your eyes look more beautiful?

Arora’s eyeliner will leave your eyes looking bright, beautiful, lustrous, and sparkling. With our Ayurvedic eyeliner eyes are defined from inside and outside. Our eyeliner is easy to use and glides in the eyes easily. It is a unique ayurvedic preparation which keeps eyes cool and smooth relaxed all day and it is smudge proof. It makes eyes beautiful and easy to use every time. It is essential to describe your eyes with natural cosmetic products to keep your eyes safe and healthy for long.

 How we make our eyeliner

 Place almonds in a metal strainer over a small, ceramic container. With a lighter, burn the almonds, letting the flames completely consume them, using tongs to assist in moving around the almonds. Add a few more almonds after the first few have burned, if you like. After the almonds have burned, push the almond soot through the metal strainer into the ceramic container. Add camphor and roses.


Key ingredients are vitamins A, D, E, F, almonds, camphor, rose, soot, and spring water.

Rose is wonderful for eyes. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Camphor has cooling effects helps curing inflammation. Almonds cure eye ailments, lighten up eyes.


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