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 slimming and toning and face lift without surgery

Facial muscle functions

Frontalis    A thin muscle on the forehead which lifts the eyebrow and smoothes out the furrows between and above the eyebrows.

Corrugator Supercilli    A muscle near the fontalis which draws the eyebrow together. It is important not to over stimulate nthis muscle as it may deepen the furrows between the eyebrows.

Orbicularis oculi    The sphincter muscle around the eye which helps lift drooping eyelids, drains toxins and reduces fine lines around the nose

Lavatory labii Superioris Alaeque Nasi     Part of a group of muscles which flares the nosrril, stimulation of this muscle will reduce the fine line around the nose

Zygomaticus minor    This muscle draws the angle of the mouth up back, curving the mouth upwards. The stimulation of this muscle will restore a smiling expression to the face without deepening the cheek fold.

Zygomaticus major   This muscle will lift the cheek and reduce the heavy jowl effect.

Levator Labii Superioris    This muscle works with the Lavatory Alaeque Nasi to turn up the corners of the mouth and reduce the cheek fold.

Orbiculars Oris   The sphincter muscle of the mouth which can be stimulated to reduce fine lines above the lips and increase blood flow to the lips making them plumper and fuller looking

Depressor Anguli Oris & Depressor Labii Inferioris   These muscles depress the corners of the mouth and pull up the skin around the chin. Stimulated at their lower end these muscles will redefine and tighten the jaw line.

Sternocleidomastoid  This muscles tilts the head from side to side. Gentle stimulation will tighten the neck and tone up the overlaying Platysma muscles which will reduce excessive wrinkling in the neck area.

Therapeutic and Medical Benefits of Ultratone

The principle of electro-muscular stimulation is widely used in the treatment of ailments. Your Ultratone PRO 20 can be beneficial to many conditions but you must always consult a Doctor, who has customer’s medical history, before using Ultratone for medical treatments.In many cases a Doctor will be happy to refer a patient to you with a specific protocol for you to follow as Electronic muscle stimulation treatments are not always easily available at Clinic and Physiotherapists rarely have access to a PRO 20 unit.There are six universally recognised areas where Ultratone can be of help

Increasing of maintaining the range of motion

Relaxation of muscle spasm’s

Muscle re-education

Increasing local blood circulation

Immediate postsurgical stimulation of the calf muscle to prevent a blood clot in the vein

Preventing or slowing the rate of muscle atrophy

In addition the following conditions are through to be prevented or alleviated by electro-muscular stimulation and are the subject of continuing research.

Arthritis of the knee


Lymphatic circulation

Fibrositis and Nervous Tension


Aching Feet


Varicose Veins

Your face needs toning too! But how does this amazing system work? - As we age, the facial muscles lose their natural firmness and elasticity. The Facial Plus gently exercises and re-educates the small, delicate facial muscles in your face. The result is a healthier complexion, improved tone, smoothness and definition, facial lift and tightening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


The in depth penetration of the signal will stimulate the metabolic rate and help to burn off fat while also tightening and pulling in muscles and loose skin.


The wide pulses and long stimulation times will access the muscles which cannot be ordinarily reached with active exercise. The instant recruitment of these large Body shaping muscles will give fast, superb body slimming and sculpting results.


The intensive sequential stimulation will aerobically transform muscles, producing curves and shaping for a perfect silhouette and a fit body.


The combination of the unique Ultrawave signal and the intensive deep rotation of frequencies will help penetrate Anti-Cellulite and skin moisturising products while also tightening, toning, lifting and slimming the treated area.


The gentle Program will simulate a deep soothing massage and Lymphatic Drainage pulse. Extra fluids and toxins will be flushed out thus reducing swelling in the abdominal and ankle areas.


This is truly the ultimate Non Surgical facelift as it combines a skin rejuvenating and product penetration Microcurrent with perfect muscle lifting, tightening and toning signals. The 15 minute Hands Off Treatment will reduce fine lines, lift sagging skin and muscles and give a youthful appearance to the face.


This new fast acting Program will cycle through a skin rejuvenation treatment along with a precise pattern of signals designed to lift and strengthen the breast and under arm muscles. A course of treatments will produce a lovely domed effect to the cleavage and keep the breast firm while the microcurrent rotation will rejuvenate the dermal layers of arm and hands.


A vigorous and energising sequence of deep pulses combined with Anti-cellulite signals and the Ultrawave product penetration Microcurrent will help slim the thighs and give the buttocks a firm shapely outline. This is the ideal program for reducing the "pear shape" effect and smoothing out dimpled fatty deposits.


The low frequency and long stimulation times combined with highly specific padding layouts will strengthen and rejuvenate the pelvic floor and posture muscles to restore elasticity and hold in vital organs. This is the ideal Post Natal treatment and an essential Program for women who need pelvic floor muscle re-education and posture correction.


Once the Bodyshaping and Faceshaping results have been achieved a course of twice monthly Ultratone Maintenance will insure that all the benefits and results achieved are sustained. The Concentrated program will cycle through the entire range of signals for Slimming, Lifting, Toning, Lymphatic Drainage and Skin Rejuvenation for both Face and Body.

One Bioenergy System with multiple therapies and the answers to everything your clients ask fo



•                       Ultra Fast Inch loss

•                           Anti cellulite

•                                Non Surgical Facelift

•                          Anti Ageing

•                    Cavitation

•              Wrinkle Reduction


• Lymphatic Drainage

• Electroporation

• Customer Database

• Bio Frequency

• Deep Lift & Tone

• Massage

• Relaxation

• Stress control

• Holistic Fitness

• Multi Body & Face

• Tighten & Tone

• Body Sculpting

• Separate Male & Female Personalised Programs

• Self adapting parameters

• Rehabilitation & Well Being

• Post Natal

• Face and Body Shaping Microcurrent

• Lipolysis

• Ultrasound

• Reflexology

• Acupressure

• Chromotherapy

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