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It's very good and healthy for your skin; more details and ingredients coming soon.


A totally pure natural oil that reduces the signs of ageing, rejuvenates skin tone and helps to heal damaging or discoloured skin from dry to dull to radiant to rosy.

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Directions for use:

Use as a skin/body moisturiser daily. For best results , use Arora’s blue scrub / exfoliator to get rid of dry, discoloured, flaky and rough skin and massage oil generously all over to improve circulation and to get excess waste and this improves pale shallow or discoloured skin.



It nourishes, calms strengthens the skin from inside out, it protect it from rashes, sunburn and harsh weather. The Vitamin A, D E and F oil gets rid of blemishes and brightens the tones of the skin making it appear evenly balanced and smooth to touch.



Vitamin A,D E and F Nourishing Oil




Vitamins A,D E and F

Almond oil

Wheat germ Oil

Grape seed Oil

Lavender Oil

Geranium Oil

Rose Oil

Aloe Vera 



Emma’s Secret

To Keep her skin smooth and young looking

Emma puts her trust in Arora’s skin care.

Guru Arora and her range of products . Try blue scrub with vitamin A, D, E and F nourishing oil. The oil helps reverse the signs of ageing. The patented complex claims to lift and tone the skin, it helps to reduce discolouration and the appearance  of pigmentation and dark pores.


Sarah’s Secret

For Combating old leathery and dry patchy skin and keeping her skin on face and body complexion glowing. Sarah swears by the face and body Blue Scrub / Vitamin A, D, E and F Nourishing Oil which is scrubbing and gently polishing away the top layers of skin and as a longer term course to help fade away dark/ discoloured marks , felicities and acne marks its natural.

Vitamin A,D, E and F Nourishing Oil


Use Arora’s Blue Scrub and Vitamin A, D, E and F oil on face and body to reveal a glowing complexion. It tones and hydrates the skin.


Benefits of Vitamin A, D, E and F Nourishing Oil





Tightens pores

Clears dark pimples and moles

Aromatic and therapeutic


It is good for all skin types especially dry, dehydrated, pale or sallow discoloured skin types .




The vitamin A, D, E and F Nourishing Oil is full of essential skin nutrients. A lack of vitamin A and D damages cell membranes, new cells die off before they had the chance to reach the surface, blocking the pores and preventing lubrication of the skin. The oil clears dry, rough and scaly skin, it also clear spots, boils and pimples, clearing frequent recurring skin infections, bruising, broken capillaries and also helps cuts and abrasions,

eg: after shaving the oil has the ability to give anti–oxidant protection which reduces inflammation and speeds up healing, it is also good for anti-ageing of the skin.

If bruised or cut the damaged area can be sealed over and protected by the oil on the surface against bacterial harm, but healing takes place from inside as aromatherapy and the natural oils are absorbed.


Vitamin A D, E and F helps to lubricate and protect the outer layers of the skin. Collagen, the intercellular cement, it is a protein substance which with  elastin , gives the skin it’s elasticity,  strength and support. This oil also provides external and internal sunscreen . Cell life improves skin quality prevents blood clotting and helps wound healing. It also helps eczema and stretch marks and improves mature dehydrated skins .



Exposes to detergents, central heating and air conditioning systems, smoky polluted atmospheres, inadequate skin care, poor diet and over exposure to the sun. Oily skin can be normalised and encouraged to retain more moisture.


Vitamin A, D, E and F oil helps to improve circulation and encourages the moisture top to be absorbed more efficiently into the skins surface.

Vitamin A, D, E and F nourishing oils like lavender geranium rose and chamomile, too much sun and harsh weather makes the skin tough, lined and leathery. Vitamin A, D, E and F oils helps to speed up healing, reduce soreness and regulate cell re-generation, Makes the skin silky smooth and balanced evenly. The ingredients Lavender and Geranium are for balancing and has an antiseptic effect. Rose oil is for youth and vitality. Almond, wheat germ and grape seed oil are for massaging dry dehydrated mature and discoloured skins . Vitamin A, D E and F oil in preventing eruptions, it improves smoothness and enhances general skin quality, increasing circulation , improves the nutrients and helps removal of waste.


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