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Multi Vitamin Enriched for Beautiful Hair

**Award winning** HGO for making Hair, Longer thicker Healthier and Shinier.

The natural treatment for Hair and Scalp problems For Men and Women.


If your scalp is stressed and not looked after, you are likely to experience adverse effects that cause worry. By massaging HGO on your scalp, its cleaner and the follicles are protected. This causes the stressed scalp to relax  and increase the blood flow and nutrients to feed the follicles.


 Sebum and cholesterol build up clog the hair follicles leads to malnutrition of hair roots which fall out to stop growth. The balanced HGO formula removes this and dandruff with other substances are also targeted.

Then HGO penetrates deep into the scalp to repair damaged follicles providing a boost of nutrients and heals the scalp for stronger thicker longer healthier hair.

Massage a small amount of HGO into the scalp and leave for 2 hours can also be left overnight. Wash out with  aroras shampoo rinse thoroughly. For best results use with Arora's SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER.

Recommended: For best results use 2-3 times a week. Can use daily as well.


HGO works hard to solve all hair  and scalp problems, at Arora's we believe its necessary to eat healthy to have beautiful hair and skin. Some people eat the wrong foods for hair try… bio yogurt fresh veg salads, fresh fruits cold pressed oils , sunflower pumpkin sesame seeds, pulses wholegrain brown rice oats almonds nuts fresh oily fish and drink plenty of water!


“Arora hair growth oil is a miracle product. The results are amazing. I wouldn’t be without it.”



“My hair falling problem started 3 years ago. I had bad patches in my scalp. Within 3 months of using Arora's Hair growth oil all the bald patches had gone and have re-grown it. Within a year my hair was thicker, healthier and shinier.”



“As an Asian my hair was lifeless and dull. I used Arora's hair growth oil for 2 years. It put life back into my hair My hair has grown waist length and has cleared my migraines. I have nothing but praise for it!”



“Growing up, I always had thin & brittle hair. I wanted my hair to be long and thicker. A friend recommended Arora Hair Growth Oil to me, and after 2 years of use, the result has been fantastic and has changed the was I feel about myself.”


Essential ingredients designed to help:

Stimulate Natural Growth
Promote thicker, healthier & shinier Hair
Stop Hair loss
Improve volume
Increase hair strength
Prevent greying
Prevent itching
Better sleep
Clears Migraines and Sinuses


Award winning Arora HGO has been on the market for over 21 years and we have thousands of clients who have used our product to treat their hair and scalp problems.

Our goal was to formulate a product which is natural, easy to use, safe and beneficial for all. We achieved this and over the years, our satisfied clients have used the oil for many different reasons including hair loss, migraines, clearing eczema on the scalp, dandruff, dryness, alopecia and it also promotes good sleep.

Natural essential oils  enriched with multi vitamins.

ROSEMARY: to stimulate cell division and promote hair growth

CYPRESS OIL : to increase blood circulation in the scalp

CEDARWOOD : to kill bacteria

OLIVE OIL:  to reduce production of DHT

VITAMIN A, B, B1,B2, B3,B5, B6, B8, E, F and H.

All ingredients in the oil  are to deep cleanse and keep the scalp healthy. By doing this we allow the scalp to breathe to allow it to produce healthier hair. The product does not contain animal ingredients and is not tested on animals .


If  you experience any allergy or reaction discontinue  use and seek medical help immediately. For external use only keep out of reach of children

It's very good and healthy for your hair and scalp.

Give it a try and let us know what you think by giving us a review on this website and also on google if you can; we would be very grateful. Thanks.


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